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Nephilim - interview

Nephilim (aka Manticore)

Interview 10/2005

Jennifer better known as Nephilim has agreed to answer some of our questions, which are not only motivated by the fact that that she is one of the very few modding girls in the OFP community, but also because she is very talented and working on several innovative and impressive projects.
Moreover Moreover I think everyone will agree that she is an artist with a capital "A".

Question (ofpr.info): Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you're from and how you started to Mod for OFP?

Artistical OFP:
"Taking a bath"
Answer (Nephilim): Well, I was born on the 19th of March 1986 in a town called Brieg or Brzeg as it's called in Polish, then after the Wall was torn down, I came to Germany (in 1990)
I'm currently learning 3d animation and such stuff at the German film school, going into either film industry or game developement.
About modding, I first saw OFP on a friends' pc. I like the idea of a huge battlespace with basically no limits then I've seen the community making stuff and I though "hey I can do that too"!

Q: What are your hobbies besides OFP? ?

A: I play guitar (for 12 years now) in a crossover band, I also do a lot of outside activities like jogging, cross biking or swimming (I lead a swimming course for small children and beginners). Then I draw a lot, which I really enjoy. I like making plastic kit models but I barely have the time for it... oh and I also program a 3d tool with some friend called Halon.

Original UAP Model
Q: Are you focusing on a complete mod in order to release it or are you more fascinated by addon-making experiments?

A: Both, I focus on my USCM (from Alien movies) mod but I test new techniques on seperate addons before I apply them on the USCM material.

Q: When we are looking at your Mercenaries Pack, it comes from one of your older projects named UAP (Unified Anatomy Pack) which was using nude models. Why have you created nude models at start since clothes have to be to soldiers' model?

A: Well, I initially started this as an educational project and it wasn't meant to be for ofp at first until a mate said "that looks nice, put it in OFP".
But the first reactions weren't as expected, some complained about nudity but as I said it was initially meant for educational purposes only and it's common that anatomy models are made nude first, to define the body on which later the clothes are modeled on.
Basically my intention of the UAP was that each mod can use its individual models using UAP base models.

Artistical OFP:
"Buy me!"
Q: Don't you think that modding for VBS is something contrary to the free OFP community spirit? Will you make an OFP version of all that you are creating for VBS?

A: Yes and No, on one side modding for VBS1 is free as for OFP. And yes I will also make ofp versions of my projects.

Q: Can you tell us if you have any other addon projects (or just the Mercenaries) and give us their development status?

A: There's the USCM Mod, my f-117 currently in the works, an unbelievabely difficult airframe which is pretty demanding.
I've been doing some old Babylon 5 space ships in the past, then there are the new bugs (arachnid, and hopper) for the SST mod.
And the newer version of the independance day alien attack vessel which will be released about his weekend. Most of the stuff is catching dust on my hd!

Side project
(Stalker inspired)
Q: How do you see the Modding scene when Armed Assault will be released?

A: Modders will probably switch to Armed Assault, it's a natural thing you know.
ArmA will bring many new features and possibilities and it would be bad if people would stick to OFP. Mods will convert their work to ArmA, it will also bring new modders who didn't even know OFP, as there are even uptodate people who never heard about OFP and who might start doing stuff for it!

Q: As it seems you are mostly liking Sci-Fi stuff, what pushed you to create the Mercenaries pack and the F-117? Is it a change of your center of interests?

A: No, the mercenaries project was rather influenced by the idea BAS had with the personalized SF soldiers and I already had my head done for the UAP in fact, so I started evolving it. The F-117 started actually as Vektorboson gave up his one.

Mercenaries Pack soldier
Q: What do you think of the fact are a lot of addons are released without any mission included?

A: I think most of the community members will agree that we have an oveflow of (good) addons but very few good missions. Also, as I see it, sometimes addons are just downloaded when they are released and hot for some certain time but you just play around with them doing nothing serious, which is bad I think.

Q: Is there something you have to say to or about the OFP community?

The OFP community showed many of their abilities in the past years and the ground breaking work makes people push boundaries and move ahead.
It's the community work that inspires and its the community that works with so much devotion on projects.
Keep up the marvelous work!

ofpr.info: Thank you very much Nephilim for your time on this interview and on OFP modding, your kindness and your great patience!
Nephilim: Be my guest! So wheres the money you promised?

ofpr.info: Hmm shut up about it or I'll tell everyone that you are currently single!

Nephilim: YIKES!

Nephilim ingame...
...and in reality!

Thanks to Nemesis6 for checking grammar & spelling.


Operation Flashpoint / Arma: Cold War Assault Modifications

Finnish Defence Forces Mod Liberation 41-45 Invasion 1944 Colonial Wars Conflicto de Malvinas Seb Nam Pack 2 Battle Over Hokkaido BAS Tonal Island + OPFOR CSLA 2 Mod Swissmod American Civil War Mod Lega Warz
Click a mod's banner above directly or scroll down the page.

Finnish Defence Forces Mod

FDF Mod website

Latest downloadable version:
Our rating:

The FDF mod is simply the first total conversion modification for OFP ( Resistance), it features a lot of outstanding things; as perfect new sounds replacing the ofp ones, 16 new radio voices profiles (more than 3000 words/sentences), a new user interface and fonts, 2 brand new islands, realistic recoil and spec for weapons, new soundtracks, and of course a load of great quality units/weapons/objects/missions (and a Single Player Campaign) which keep a good framerate on a average computer! Lets mention also nice additions like integrated spectating script and debug console for mission editing!

Even if you're not particulary interested by Finnish Forces it's definitly a must have, and it put the mods quality standards at a real high level! Every aspect of this mod is polished and we immediately feel that they put incredible efforts in it, a very sharp and professional work! For example if we look closer to weapon realism it's the best one created so far, weapons are not using high dispersion bullets but are harder to move and aim, reflecting the rifle weight and arms inertia!

Liberation 41-45

Liberation 41-45 website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD LIBERATION v1.01 Patch [4,35 Mb]
Our rating:

The Liberation 41-45 Mod is based on the eastern European World War II front, and features the 1941's Barbarossa Operation, where German forces betrayed and invaded USSR by surprise.

It brings a lot of outstanding units for both sides: Wehrmacht and Waffen SS for the German, RKKA & NKVD units for the Soviets, with dozen of tanks, vehicles, side-cars, soldiers, weapons...

There are also new effects, now the armored units use the first realistic armor damage system based on penetration values and not on just 'hitpoints' (in Classic OFP, you were able to destroy a T80 with several dozen of handgrenades). The tanks are also featuring a special localized damage system, so you can disable tracks or engine and the tank will be immobilized, even if the weapon you're using is not powerful enough to penetrate main armor! The mod also includes several tanks with a second working course machinegun, new realistic mines and grenades. As a soldier, you can now climb on the tanks and half-tracks, which is useful to kill an enemy driver not willing to disembark for example!

The mod has been totally translated into English and French, a German version will be released in a upcoming patch. Unfortunately, the biggest disapointement with the mod is that it is currently without any English missions included, however it should be fixed soon, and that it is not multiplayer compatible.
With this new release it is one of the (if not the) most advanced WWII Mod ever released for OFP!

Invasion 1944

Invasion 1944 website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD INVASION 44 Demo v1.2 [69.66 Mb]
Our rating:

Invasion 1944 is a very well known mod in the OFP community and was started a quite long time ago now. It's an historical Wold War II warfare mod that plans to release a lot of Allies and Axis units (US Army, British Army, French and Dutch Resistance troops, Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS) with also several dynamic campaigns on Operation Market Garden.

They current last release is their Demo V1.2, which features American and German troops/vehicle/armors, a new Map (Sicily) with also several missions. Their technical work on it is excellent and their staff incredibly skilled. Moreover, their upcoming units are really promising! To make it briefly, if you're a WW2 addicted this mod is made for you!

Colonial Wars

Colonial Wars website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD PCW Demo Beta 1.0 [34.1 Mb]
Our rating:

The Colonial Wars Mod is inspired on real Portuguese colonial war that occured in Guinea during the 60s.
It features a new GUI layer, 4 different troops: Portuguese Greenberets, Fula Guide, Guinean Independance Movement and African Civilians, with around 20 new weapons (btw African Civilians are trowings rocks). A lot of objects/bunkers, 2 vehicles, 1 boat, 1 helicopter and a nice Guinea Como Island are also added.

This mod gives an agreeable change of scenery from usual "US vs Rest of World" confrontation, and even if this mod is still in beta stage and since has several bugs, it is very very promising, their authors had a lot of excellent and innovative ideas!

Conflicto de Malvinas

Cazadores De Monte website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD "MLV Mod" Beta 3 [108,9 Mb]
Our rating:

The "Malvinas Mod" is based on Falkland War and has been created by an Argentinian staff: "Cazadores De Monte". They released their Mod as a Beta version and not as a Demo, primary objective being to get feedback on their weapons and units.

Despite of the fact that they are not final units their work on it is really good, the new layer and island are excellent and their team is skilled in all domains , they honestly deserve more interrest from the community and all should keep a sharp eye on their nice upcoming work. This pack does not contain any mission.

SEB (SelectThis, Ebud, Bibmi, Eviscerator)
No website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD - Seb Nam Pack 2 Full [45,98 Mb]
Our rating:

When The Nam Pack 2 was released in November 2002 it brought several major gameplay modifications, in example by implementing a higher dispersion level for weapons SEB greatly increased the game ambiance and immersion; running to take cover while bullets fly everywhere around you is a really exciting feeling (in a game at least)!

A lot of Troops are included in the pack: Army, Marines, Air Cav, Special Forces, LRRP, MFR and SEALs for the US, opposed to Viet-Cong Main Force, Local VC and North Vietnamese Army (NVA) with of course a load of new Vietnam Era weapons. They added also several Helicopters, boats, a temporary armor pack (coded only, no new models) and a real good map. An amazing work for a 4 people team was achieved there.

The SEB team didn't planned to released their work as a mod but more like a big addon pack, unfortunaly they stopped working on it so the few bugs won't be fixed and the armor and plane packs releases are more than jeopardized. Anyway it's a must have for people interrested in Vietnam war or in jungle combat!

Battle Over Hokkaido

Battle Over Hokkaido website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD BOH Demo V1.2 [130 Mb]
Our rating:

This MOD contains a lot of various high-quality units from JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Force), a completely new island based on actual terrains in Hokkaido (located on northern Japan), new SP/MP missions, and a short fictious campaign based on detailed research on military and history that depicts increasing tension between the former Soviet Union and Japan during the Cold War. Their work is greatly polished and the 'japanese touch' excellent, a lot of details and high textures are applied on vehicles (it even creates slowdowns sometimes on average computers) and soldiers are also very well done. Note: they also implemented fictionnal Mech robots in some mission to add fun.

BAS Tonal Island + OPFOR

Ballistic Addon Studios website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD - BAS Tonal+OPFOR 1 V1.20 [113 Mb]
Our rating:

This pack is African civil war based, it features two islands and two main opposite forces; Government and Rebels (plus militia and armed civilian for each side), a campaign, several missions and the BAS JAM version V2.

The quality of African Islands is truly amazing, with a lot of details, new objects, new sounds, awesome areas, immersion is total. BAS team paid a lot of attention too to keep a satisfying framerate on average computers, this is one of the best island ever made (if not the best).

OPFOR units are also excellent, there is more than 170 (!) different soldiers unit classes, with 28 variants of vehicles (Bis rework or tweaking but also heavily modified vehicles), and once more they used a good balance between details and framerate. This is an excellent pack, the only thing we could criticize so far is weapon realism (compared to FDF mod), but other small bugs have been fixed in patch #1 and some stuff added in #2.

CSLA 2 Mod

CSLA Studios website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD - CSLA II Mod V2.10 [272 Mb]
Our rating:

The CSLA (Czecho-Slovak People Army) mod is a total conversion mod, it means that all the original BIS units and gameplay are modified like in the FDF mod, and they even added new animations which allows players to lean right or left. The mod features around 400 high quality new units, vehicles and weapons of Czech, Russian, Resistance (FIA) and US Armies, with of course new sounds and effects.

With this latest version of their mod, they greatly improved overall realism by reducing bullet dispersion and increasing fire recoil.

CSLA team also focused on their campaigns and Single/Multiplayer missions with long cutscenes and interesting equipment management. Their work on units is truely amazing, with gorgeous tanks, vehicles, planes, helicopters models and textures, even units models are modified to reflect european average height, making animations look better.


Swissmod website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD - Swissmod V1.0 [78 Mb]
Our rating:

The Swissmod is a total conversion mod, it means that all the original BIS units and gameplay are modified like in FDF or CSLA mods. It's a very polished mod, amount of details is really impressive, it features a new graphic user interface (GUI), new effects for explosions, 17 vehicles and several weapons/soldiers of the Swiss Army, steerable parachutes, working bayonet fighting, etc... Biggest part of the work on this mod was achieved by only one guy (Picvert), motivated people can do really outstanding things!

Concerning negative points, there are still some glitches which should be fixed in an upcoming pack, maybe the Swiss weapons are a bit too powerful and, last critic, there's only a few missions available and no campaign so far. But despite that, it's a very high quality work and it really worths the try!

American Civil War Mod

American Civil War Mod website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOADAmerican Civil War Mod V1.2 [59 Mb]
Our rating:

Set over 135 years ago, this mod brings a totally different kind of warfare to OFP. Troops in formation rather then stealth, inaccurate weapons with long reload times and bayonets. Relive the Civil War in all it's horrors. Fight for either the North in it's struggle to end slavery, or as the South, fighting for independance.

The mod is quite tactical since hitting a moving target is extremely hard, and the gameplay is totally different compared to the classic OFP, sometimes charging for hand to hand combat with a bayonet is more efficient than using rifles. However this mod could have more room for improvement, for example there are no blood effects when hit and the textures could use improvement. Still a great job from a still learning team.

The mod consists of Infantry, Cavalry with working horses and Artillery units for both sides with many kinds of small arms, related objects like ammowagon & fences and a Gettysburg island. The amount of lag, even in large scale battles is suprisingly light.

With a little more improvement, and more content added, this unique idea would be nearly perfect.

Lega Warz

Lega Warz Website

Latest downloadable version:
DOWNLOAD - Lega Warz Beta 1.1 [17,69 Mb]
Our rating:

This mod looks really weird in a warfare simulator like OFP, and also compared to serious and realist mods. Some people love it, other hate it, but at least we can say that they tried and succeed to make a mod that no one could have ever thought about before, and if we compare their work to the real toys, their models and texture fit perfectly, no one can complain about that! If you're tired of realism and want to change your mind by playing a funny mod and fall back too in childhood, here's your mod!

Nb: As we can't really compare it with other mods, we'll give 4 lego stars!

NB: This section is dedicated only to OFP/CWA Mods that modify the game (new GUI, voices, etc) and/or are based on a conflict or release several sides and missions in one pack.

[PFC] takes over OFP.info


On 2nd of June, 2018, ofp.gamepark.cz (ofpr.info / ofp.info / ofp.gamezone.cz) was closed down.


The roots of the website could be found in operationflashpoint.d2.cz (operationflashpoint.cz / operation-flashpoint.cz) that was created on 21st of June, 2001 by m@ster. The website, in its known shape, was founded in December of 2001, by Bojler, Monti and Maggo. Eventually, around 2003, control over the website was passed to Cervo. Significant support for the website was provided by JerryHopper who shared his ftp server for the whole content (addons, mods, missions etc.). One of the long-standing staff members of OFP.info were Rellikki and JdB.


OFP.info served for 16 years (2001-2018) for the OFP/ARMA community as the main source of news for a huge number of fans around the world. It also contained the greatest amount of community-made content for OFP/CWA. Even though the OFP/CWA times are long gone the website was still enormously useful as an archive of creativity of the OFP/CWA community. In many cases it was the only available source for some information or content. It is difficult to precisely determine the scale of importance and influence of OFP.info website for the OFP/CWA scene.

On 22th of June, 2018, [PFC] Polish Flashpoint Community announced a revival project of the website known as OFP.info 2.0.

On 15th of July, 2018, beta version of OFP.info 2.0 was launched.

On 8th of February, 2019, OFP.info 2.0 received a massive update.

On 24th of January, 2021, OFPR.INFO domain has been redirected to OFP.info 2.0, thanks to Retro from ofpisnotdead.com.


OFP.info 2.0 consists of:

> all the original news

> all the original community-made content catalogued in separate subpages

> all the original pictures

> all the original files that were hosted:

> on a website server

> on a separate ftp

> search function

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