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Next addon is from czech and slovak mead and grove send as Petr Provaznik. It's AH64 with Stinger missiles. Thanks to author.

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Harriers Addons

Group Pandoras Box send us next collection of addons based on Harrier :o) . There are 4 Harriers (Navy-Night-Desert-Arctic), but each in 2 versions, "vertical and horizontal" flight role :o) . Addons are very good and with czech matriculation.

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Italian MOD

I found another MOD for OFP. Its name is Italian OFP MOD and its probably longer time in development. Site is all Italian, that's why I don't say you anything :-( They has few screenshots there. But it looks like thatsome models was drawn in paintbrush. There are parameters of italian weapons.

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Virtual Battlefield Systems

Virtual Battlefield Systems (VBS1) is training simulator in development for military purposes, which is based on Operation Flashpoint. VBS1 is developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio (creator of OFP) and Coalescent Technologies. More informations and screenshots are avaible on oficial site VBS1.
BIS have its press tatement where you can read that VBS1 is developed for US NAVY. On OFP.Tiscali there is few screenshots. Avon Lady has pictures, which are downloaded from VBS1 when they was there before. (no one knows why they removed them).

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SVD Dragunov ver. 1963

Slovak author Partisan send to us his addon SVD Dragunov ver. 1963 . It's a good piece. Let's download it :o)

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Arctic Armour Pack 1.3

Do you know Winter Kolgujev by Kegetys? AraonAsh develops winter armoured units right for this Winter Kolgujev... And few days ago 3rd version of this pack was published on OFP.Tiscali. There are all new units from Ultimate Upgrade 3 in snow skin. You can download this pack from our site   FTP#2. [10.1 MB]

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Gold Upgrade for download

If you want you can dowload Gold Upgrade from Codemasters for 4.99 pounds. It contains Russian campaign Red Hammer with 20 missions and reference manual Prima Strategy Guide in PDF.
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Unoficial sound pack for OFP

On OFP.co.uk was performed unofficial pack. It can replace all weapon sounds in game. I haven't tested it yet but according to Shark from OFP.co.uk it's better then original sound. Author is Jim from 60th Guards Motorized Rifle Division. You can download it from here or from mirror. [2.47 MB]
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