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Due to numerous inquiries related to downloading problems, we would like to inform that the ftp server which stores the whole OFP.info 2.0 content (addons, mods etc.) is a separate entity and do not belong to the creators of ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk. As a result, we are unable to provide you any information about the ftp server downtime, its maintenance and other of its technical aspects.

OFP.cz new design and english section!

Here you have a present from us under your christmas tree :) We completly rebuild our site and make an english mirror!! We hope that you'll like our site! Maybe our english is not perfect, but we are doing our best!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! OFP.cz Team
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a-lone-wolf again in action

'a-lone-wolf' bring his second part of work with objects :o)

I'm sending a few UNOFFICAL screenshots of 3D model 'AK74SU' from O*F.
3D data (Vertices, Faces/Polygons) was exported from P3D (MLOD format) to a OBJ (Wavefront) file format, and at the picures from '3D Exploration' and '3DSMax' you can see differents of separate data blocks in P3D... Ofcourse, special P3D atributes are not there...All LODs (LevelsOfDetails) are shown...

You can see how big are the differents in quailty in Block.1 ('best quality' 3rd person view) and Block.6 (look of player himself) in details.

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Invasion 1944

Authors of this mod make another model, for now it's tank Kingtiger

You can find a video of this tank there too.
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CrimeCity MOD

Possibly the only one MOD placed to present is still developed - CrimeCity - It have new web design. Page is splitted for two pieces - police and hijack. There are new screenshots.

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Work in Progress

Czech author a-lone-wolf demonstrates, that models for OFP could be edited in some other editor than was used to create models. Here is info direstly from author...

I'm sending you few UNOFICIAL screenshots some 3D models from OFP in different 3D editors ...

And inaddition one ingame screenshot changed 3D model of 'HK MP5'

It looks like, that we could look forward for some new work of this efficient author.
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