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Due to numerous inquiries related to downloading problems, we would like to inform that the ftp server which stores the whole OFP.info 2.0 content (addons, mods etc.) is a separate entity and do not belong to the creators of ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk. As a result, we are unable to provide you any information about the ftp server downtime, its maintenance and other of its technical aspects.

WW4 Modpack 2.5 & patch 1

Sanctuary has released version 2.5, of his WW4 Modpack on the BIS forums, compatible with both Operation Flashpoint 1.96 and ArmA: Cold War Assault 1.99.

There are many new features compared to the normal game, like much improved animations with new moves, new units and weapons, and replacements for the BIS units so you can play the campaigns with WW4 content. And that is only scratching the surface of this great mod, more detail can be found in the forum topic listed above.

Also worth noting is the patch that Sanctuary released. This solves some of the issues with the original release.

Changelog of the patch:
-fixed : WW4 West Recon troops have their complete wound texture now
-fixed : the turret of the WW4 West HMMWV in 1st person view is now turning correctly
-fixed : the East WW4 Armor BTR999 floats a bit higher on water to prevent nearly invincibility against missiles
-fixed : the strange bug that made the M202A1 flash launcher to crash when firing for some people
-added : a rocket launcher version of the M202A1 (West -> Men -> Flash Grenadier 2 )
-fixed : the Javelin/Vympel/SMAW left a wrong model for when you put down a missile, went back to default OFP model
-fixed : the AN-94+PSO had a very badly defined firemode that was crashing the game when switching to it.
-modified : increased every bullets damage by 0.5, it's a subtle change so the impact is not too much on the WW4 type of gameplay i want, but it allows some more balancing with the armor system.
-added : Ammo crates for West, East and Everon weapons, available in Empty -> WW4 Ammo
-modified : WW4 Cars use now the same machinegun as the WW4 Armors
-fixed : wrong unitinfotype for the WW4 BRDM that was not displaying the ammo count

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - WW4 Modpack 2.5 [116 MB]   FTP#2
DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - WW4 Modpack 2.5 patch 1 [12 MB]   FTP#2

Thanks go out to team mate Rellikki for uploading the mod :)
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Getting up-to-date

Dear ArmA: Cold War Assault veterans,

This is my first post on the site, I've decided to help out with newsposting and providing mirrors. The first order of business is to post about the addons that have been released since the previous newspost (10th anniversary of the release of OFP), but weren't posted about yet. Things like the v2.5 release of the WW4 mod and a sound replacement mod for it, Italian Front addons and much more.

If you want to contact me about news that you want to have posted, or addons mirrored, please contact me on either the BIS forums or our own forums.

Kind regards,
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10th anniversary - Patch v.1.99 released!

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Operation Flashpoint's release (June 22, 2001), Bohemia Interactive Studios have released a patch version 1.99 for the game on the BI forums.

This standalone upgrade renames the game to Arma: Cold War Assault, installing it into a whole new directory. The upgrade removes all Codemasters' content from the game, including the original name, which now gives Bohemia Interactive all the rights, Operation Flashpoint being a trademark of Codemasters.

Of course, the patch will add something new too:

- Improved: Default gamma and brightness settings
- Fixed: Two cursors appeared in some configurations
- Fixed: Login hack prevention.
- Improved: cheat / spam protection.
- Changed: "missionName" function now returns user friendly name
- Fixed: Preprocessor bugs and crashes
- Changed: createMarker function now works only local
- Added: isServer function
- Fixed: missionStart function on dedicated server
- Added: disableAI option for disable automatic animation selection
- Added: User defined maps in missions
- Added: function: array find item
- Added: function getWorld
- Added: functions getPosASL, setPosASL
- Added: Event handler AnimChanged
- Added: function getMove

Bohemia Interactive have truly shown the dedication to its fans by still supporting their old title even after all these years! We hope you enjoy this patch and will keep on playing OFP/CWA and creating content. OFP will never die!

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Arma: Cold War Rearmed v.1.99 [525 MB]   FTP#2

WW4 Modpack 2.1

Sanctuary has released an updated version, v.2.1 of his WW4 Modpack on the BI forums.

This is not the complete 2.5 version i am always working on, but as it's been a very long time since WW4 Modpack 1.0, i release this now so people will be able to play around with new stuff without having to wait for another half a year. And so i can have some bug reports i may have missed or not yet added on my todo list.

For the list of new features, see the BI forum thread.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - WW4 Modpack 2.1 [85 MB]   FTP#2
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Strenfould island

ArnoldArdent has released his Strenfould island on the BI forums.

There are prototype of real place "Noviy Svet" at Krym at the south-east part of island. It is a half of real settlement. By work I had use the Google Earth maps and photos.
I tryed to create realistic and beautiful landscape. Someones tell me that I did it!
There are such type of places at the Strenfould: steppes, mountains, desert, rocks and etc. But it is difficult to call this an "uniques")) I wanted to make my addon realistic. This is my first addon, please not be a very strict

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Strenfould v.2.0 [19,2 MB]   FTP#2

Leopold's zombies - WIP

Leopold has sent us a preview of his zombie addOn that he is working on, with interesting new features, as quoted from him below:

My Highly detailed and covered with high-resolution textures zombie are fundamentally different from all other models of zombies and soldiers. The model of my zombie consists of 12 models, combined in one model. After contact with bullets from machine guns or sniper rifles, my zombie be lose the wrist, forearm, ankle, hip, and of course head. If my zombie falls into the range of action explosion grenades, mines, or etc an explosive device, he will disintegrate to parts. But when hit bullets from pistols and M16 (weapons, Hit bullet whom less than 12), my zombies will not bear the losses.

My zombies will attack the player. He will beat the player which hands from the close distance. To get closer to the player, my zombies will use jumps.

I am currently making the animations and scripts for my zombie. This may take a long time, because I'm doing my original animation, but I try to release a zombie as quickly as possible.

Cat Shit One addOn

Looking for something different? Well, this might just be it!

JYR1101 has sent us his addOn containing animal soldiers, based on the animated series Cat Shit One.

The addOn contains a variety of different animals, representing different countries and military units - American rabbits, Korean dogs, Russian bears, French pigs and so on. With this addOn, you can have a true animal war in OFP, never seen before!

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Cat Shit One addOn [9,74 MB]   FTP#2

Operation Enduring Freedom - Unofficial WGL expansion pack

Chops has released his Operation Enduring Freedom mod, an unofficial expansion pack for WGL, on the BI forums.

This mod is a collection of Afghanistan themed addOns, including Al Qaeda, Taliban and US troops, reconfigured to work with the popular WGL mod.

The mod itself is just a simple config file, which requires the original addOns to work. None of the addOns themselves have been altered in any way. The config file adds new WGL compatible classes in the editor.

For more information and installation instructions, see the BI forum thread. Chops has also planned to release some SP / MP missions for this mod, so keep an eye on the thread for that too.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Operation Enduring Freedom [221 KB]   FTP#2

WGL v.5.1 [160 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2
Remo's Afghan pack v.2.0 [13.7 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2
RHS T-55 pack v.1.4 [9.7 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2
ORCS's Shilka pack [6.3 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2
Jonny's Special Forces v.1.51 [13.3 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2
Facestex2 [14.7 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2
Laser's US Weapons pack v.3.0 [38.3 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2
Generic Middle Eastern Rebels v1.21 [7,03 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2
Gnat's B-52 [7,03 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2

OFPmania island - WIP

OFPman and Rambo have sent us some more WIP pictures and a little bit of information of their OFPmania island that they're working on.

Rambo managed to create such type of grass, in which AI fight normally and does not behaves silly. If there is not too mush grass, the player and the AI can see each other and fight. But if there is too much grass, the opponents can hide there of each other.

There will be much forests on the island, both leaves forests and pine forests. There will be also the mixed forests on the island and nowadays the forests are already in the process of creation.

Many hight-detailed trees and bushes be created by Rambo specially for OFPmania island.

Now the have been finished the works for the creating of the dried lake, which is situated in the center of the island.

The Russian village, the collective-farm fields and the Russian roads will be created too. The high-detailed traditional Russian village houses will be created.

The season of the OFPmania is autumn.

The island is finished on 30%.