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Binmod realism mod patched to 0.91

  • Written by JdB
  • Published in news
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SJ-Studios has released a new beta version of their realism modification on the BIS forums and a patch, bringing the version number to 0.91. Delete the previous version of the mod and install 0.9, then patch to 0.91.

Binmod is a realism based mod by SJ-Studios. We are currently working on it and will work on with it for time to come. Binmod's main mission is to make the game more realistic and fun to play by adding/recreating multiple units, weapons, effects, sounds, etc. new features.

Other main mission is to create an AI that is intelligent and human-like and taking it to the next level in OFP. We think that we accomplished that, and we are proud of it. Not to forget about LOTS of bug fixing, corrections and of course realism.


- Lag spikes from bullet effects removed
- Dynamic Sound System greatly optimized and improved (now very playable with higher spec computers)
- A.I. improved
- Plane physics improved
- Car tire screeching simulated (when driving sideways)
- U.S Multicam units
- Tank turret fire effects improved
- 2 new unfinished islands
- Grass objects to editor
- New infantry mines
- Crater and few other textures improved
- New sounds (for M4, AK-47 and more)
- More ricochet sounds
- LODs for cartridges
- And more fixes and adjustments

Warning: This version is for ArmA: Cold War Assault (1.99) only, a version for people who do not want to update past 1.96 is being worked on.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Binmod 0.9 [939 MB]   FTP#2

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Binmod 0.9 to 0.91 [160 MB]   FTP#2

JAM 3 [13,5 MB] from FTP#1   FTP#2