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Mission post #1

  • Written by JdB
  • Published in news
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(SP) Hold the line - by Domcho
Required addons

Hi guys. I made a mission called "Hold the line." It's a simple mission where you have to drive to Le Moule at night and hold the village against enemy attacks.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Hold the line [2,5 MB]   FTP#2

(COOP) Everon Outbrake - by KanePayne
Required addons: None

For unknown reason on Everon were reported acts of canibalism, that was to similiar to things that happend on Nogova, US Army fought it, but failed, now you and few other surviviors hid in the old hut near Saint Pierre, your mission is to survive.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Everon Outbrake [1,3 MB]   FTP#2

(SP) The Great Escape - by Domcho
Required addons

Your objective is to go to the base Northwest from the airfield, steal the Mi24 and fly to Kolgujev. But before you get to the base you must clear all the villages that are in your way.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - The Great Escape [48,9 KB]   FTP#2

(SP) Training Camp - by bohemi
Required addons

Supposed terrorist training camp where you must grab information, eliminate all the hostile units and call the air force to destroy the camp if proceed.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Training Camp [6,3 MB]   FTP#2