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ODOL Explorer v2.0

  • Written by Cervo
  • Published in news
  • Read 1989 times
Here comes a very controversial tool for addonmakers made by the guys at PMC Tactical (which released some time ago WRP map editor tool). It's called ODOL Explorer v2.0 and allows you to open and view ODOL p3d files and save them to MLOD format.

If you don't know what it means, actually some mods and addonmakers use Binarize to optimize and also to encrypt their P3D files (models) to OLOD format, so as others can't use part of their work or look how they made it. Some would call this "moral intellectual property", other would complain and criticize it, claiming it's not a suitable behaviour for a community.

It was actually more or less possible for some lucky mods since a long time, using a beta version of P3Dedit made by OFPinternals, but they kept this tool and didn't released it as author wished it.

Well this had to come to an end sometime. As it's said: "The happiness of some is the pain for others"!

DOWNLOAD (from mirror #1) - ODOL Explorer v2.0 [670 Kb]
DOWNLOAD (from mirror #2) - ODOL Explorer v2.0 [670 Kb]